About The Owner

By finding your way to this site, we have something inspiring in common.  We both enjoy the company, and the magic, Conder coin collecting evokes in us.

This is my chance to tell you a little about myself. While I am relatively new to the business side of this hobby, I am not new to coin collecting. I started collecting English coins when I was 8 or 9 years old (60 years ago, now!).

I was the alternative American kid because I didn’t collect Lincoln head pennies. I was much more fascinated by English coins, and how they related to my family’s ancestry. I had a grandmother from Ireland who, alongside other relatives, did farm work around a little town called Dess in Norfolk before migrating to London. Eventually migrating to the United States in the 1840’s, my family included a lamp lighter, a shoe maker, a pub owner, and one family member who did the laundry for Queen Victoria’s household.

Myself, on the other hand, have made my living providing Physical Therapy services in a hospital setting in Oregon. As I approach retirement from work, I am expanding my involvement with coin collecting, especially Conder Tokens.

I hope to promote and enable others to pursue collecting coins from the British realm. I’ve mostly been a “type” coin collector of shillings, pennies, and farthings but have recently become drawn to the 18th Century Tokens.

I have been blessed with the friendship of Bill McKiver (The Copper Corner) to help speed my acquisition and knowledge of this expansive subject. As it has been with my own collection, my focus is on acquiring and providing quality, high grade, tokens, coins, and medals at fair prices.

I endeavor to provide the excellent service, and authentic product I strive to acquire for myself in my own Conder Token coin collecting.